Vietnam visa fee at Vietnam embassy in Singapore

For a full preparation for Vietnam visa at embassy, the information about Vietnam visa fee from embassy is so important. In fact, almost Vietnam embassies all over the world don’t provide full information about Vietnam visa fee on the websites. However, Vietnam embassy in Singapore is not similar. You can continue reading this article or access website of Vietnam embassy for details fee.

vietnam visa fee singapore embassy

Vietnam visa fee at embassy in Singapore varies depending on the type and length of your visa.

+ For a single entry visa, fee to get visaVietnam  at embassy is the same regardless of the duration.

+ For a multiple entry visa, please pay attention to the duration of visa to check the suitable price.

Here is the pricelist in details.

Type of visa


Visa fee/pax


A single entry visa 45 USD


A multiple entry visa

-     1 month

-     6 months

-     6 months – 1 year


65 USD

95 USD

135 USD

In fact, the embassy in Singapore also provides expedited visa service with additional fee:


-    Vietnam visa cost should be enclosed with other required documents: an origin passport, a completed application form, 01 passport- sized photo taken currently.

-    Normally, the payment for fee to get Vietnam visa is required to be in cash. However, it varies between embassies. Hence, please contact Vietnam embassy in Singapore in advance for further information.

Please contact the embassy at:

Location: 10 Leedon Park, Singapore 267887

Phone: 64625938 - 64625994 

Fax:            64689863- 64625936

Email:        [email protected];  [email protected]


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