Vietnam visa exemption application form

vietnam visa exemption application form

In case you are spouse or children of Vietnamese citizens or Vietnamese permanent residents foreign countries, you are eligible for certificate of visa exemption. To start the Vietnam visa application, you will be required to fill out an application form for visa exemption certificate. Although the requested information is very simle, there are some fields in the form that you shoud consult instructions

1.Full name: write your name as indicated in your passport including first name, middle name and last name

2.Vietnamese full name: leave it blank 

3.Date of birth: dd/mm/yy

4.Sex: check the box corresponding to your gender

5.Place of birth: write the country’s name where you were born

6.Present nationality: write the country at which you have current citizenship

   Nationality at birth: name the country you come from

7.Passport details (provide your passport number, date of expiry, issuing authority)

8.Occupation: write your current job

9.Permanent residence address at present: write your current address

10.  Contact address in Vietnam: enter your address in Vietnam where you are living in case the authority want to contact with you.

11.  Accompanying children (under 14 years old) included in your passport: provide his/her full name, sex and date of birth.

12.  Documents required on visa exemption for Vietnamese resident abroad: leave it blank

13.  Documents mentioned in the Article 4 (3)

-   Certificate of marriage

-   Certificate of birth

-   Certificate relationship with father, mother, children

-   Other valid documents as regulated by Vietnamese Law

-   Decision of Adoption

(Check the certificates that you will provide with the authority)

14.  Name the country in which you will submit dossier to apply for visa exemtion of certificate

After completing the form, press the button “complete” to automatically generate the electronic application form.

For more information about visa exemption program, please visit the official website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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