Vietnam visa application form on arrival

Just imagine how stressful to prepare application form for Vietnam visa and get unconfirmed at last. Vietnam visa on arrival will solve your problem when providing the Vietnam visa application form on arrival which is so simple to complete.

vietnam visa application form on arrival

Indeed, there are only two main categories for the application form for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Personal information

-       Full name: It must match perfectly to your name on the passport.

-       Date of birth:  mm/dd/ yy

-       Nationality:

-       Gender: Male/ Female

-       Email address: Visa approval letter will be sent to your contact email. Please check spam in case you don’t find your visa approval letter on the due date.

-       Phone number: Your mobile phone number is more preferred for the instant confirmation.

Visa information

-       Visa type: 1 or 3 month; single or multiple entry

-       Purpose: tourism/ business

-       Passport number:  Your passport must have at least 6 month validity to get a visa on arrival.

-       Date of arrival: Your visa will be valid from that date.

-       Date of exit: You must leave Vietnam before your visa expires.

-       Kind of service: Normal (2 working days), Urgent (1 working day) or super urgent (4 working hours). Here are express service details.

Although completing the application form for Vietnam visa on arrival is simple, please make sure that your information is provided correctly. Any mistakes not detected early will cause delays or even rejections of your visa.


-          This electronic application form is only applicable for the AIR travelers. For the ones who enter Vietnam by land or sea, you might want to see this article about guidance for Vietnam visa application form at embassy.

-          Your passport visa should have at least some blank pages left onto which your visa can be stamped. 

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