Vietnam visa application form in PDF format

In addition to complete Vietnam visa application form online, the applicants could also comple it offline in PDF format and submit via email. By reading the article, you will know how to fill out a  visa application form in PFD format and how to submit it.

vietnam visa application form in pdf format

Firstly, please enter here to download the form into your computer. Similar to Vietnam visa online application form, the pdf form also asks you for visa and personal information.

For visa information, you need to select your type of visa for  which you intend to apply, nature of visit, proposed date of travel and port of entry. Please keep in mind that your visa will be valid from the date of travel entered in the form and there is no problem if you change the arrival airport.

About personal information, you will be asked for full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number. All the information must be exactly as it is shown in your passport. 

Lastly, do not forget to provide us your contact information such as email address and telephone number so that we could keep in touch with you during the process.

When you have finished filling out the form, check for error on it carefully and send to our email address at [email protected]. After your visa application form is received, we will send you a payment link. Once the visa processing fee is paid successfully, your application will be processed by Immigration Department.

Note: a group or family can apply together in one application. Personal information of each applicant in group/family must be provided in full details in the form.

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