Notices for Vietnam landing visa application form

notices for vietnam landing visa application form

For the ones who are familiar with Vietnam visa on arrival, Vietnam landing visa application form has no difference. In fact, it is just 2 different names of application form required for Vietnam visa application online. It has the same validity as the visa got through by Vietnamese Embassies because it is also approved and issued by Vietnam Immigration Department.  Although Vietnam visa on arrival application form is easy to fill out, but there are some points which should be kept in mind. Further details are following:

-    Date of arrival: It points out the date your visa will be valid from. You do not need to complete with the exact data. However, remember that you are able to enter Vietnam LATER than that date, but not EARLIER.

-    Date of exit: It is the date you intend to leave Vietnam. Please remember that your exit must be within visa validity.

-    Full name: Make sure that it is perfectly identical to your name on your passport.

-    Port of arrival: You are required to choose among 3 international arrival airports in Vietnam. However, there is no problem if there are some changes at last.

-    Email address: Visa approval letter will be sent to your email address, so please submit it correctly to avoid any unexpected problems.

-    Phone number: It is used in some special case to verify some information.

After application form for Vietnam visa upon arrival is completed, you should be double-checked to make sure that all the information is correct. Otherwise, you will have to apply for a new one in the worst cases. 

For further information about Vietnam landing visa application, please visit this page:

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