How fast for Indians in Dubai to receive Vietnam visa on arrival

how fast for indians in dubai to receive vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival is considered to be the most preferred options for Indians all over the world including Indians in Dubai. With this option, the processing time often takes 2 working days. However, Indians in Dubai can use urgent Vietnam visa on arrival  to get Vietnam visa for Indians with much less time (1 working day, 4 working hours, 1 non working- hour). Please find the specific information below.

1.      Urgent service

For this option, visa approval letter to get urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians from Dubai will be sent via email within 1 working day since the moment your application online and payment for service fee is well- received.

If the payment is confirmed before 10:00 AM (Vietnam time- GMT +7), Indians in Dubai can get visa approval letter on the same day- before 6:00 PM. If not, please wait until the following day to receive the letter before 12:00 AM

2.      Super urgent service

This service is faster than urgent Vietnam visa on arrival when the processing time is shortened to 4 working hours only. Please apply before 10:00 AM to receive visa approval letter before 12:00 PM. If the application and payment for service fee is confirmed during the time from 10: AM to 3:00 PM, Indians nationals in Dubai will get the letter before 6:00 PM on the same day

NOTE: This service is not available after 3:00 PM. If so, let’s continue with our supreme service below.

3.      One non-working hour service

It is the most outstanding service for its availability and rapidity. Indians in Dubai can use this service at any time even at the weekend or public holidays. Within one hour, visa approval letter for urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians in Dubai is in your hand.


To apply for super urgent service or 1 non- working hour service, please call us at hotline +84 966 53 93 63 to receive detailed instructions.

For any further assistance in urgent Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians, please see here: or contact us at any time. 

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