Guidance to fill out Vietnam visa application in Dubai

Filling out Vietnam visa application form is always required in the process of getting Vietnam visa for Indians even it is submitted at embassy or online for Vietnam visa on arrival. In spite of simplicity of application form, some citizens in Dubai might make errors because of carelessness. Thus, this article is written to offer you the guidance on completing Vietnam visa application form from Dubai.

guidance to fill out vietnam visa application in dubai

 At first, applicants will be asked the questions about visa information including:

-          Purpose of visit: business, tourism or family visit.

-          Number of applicants: The more applicants in your group from Dubai have the bigger discount you will enjoy.

-          Visa type: + the length of your stay: 1 month/ 3 months

                          + type of entry: single/ multiple                       

-          Date of arrival: It is the date from which your visa will be valid. You are not allowed to enter EARLIER but LATER than that date.

-          Date of exit: the date you are supposed to leave before visa expiration date.

-          Port of arrival: Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh/ Da Nang ( There is no problem if there are some changes in arrival ports at last)

-          Kinds of service: normal service (2 working days), urgent service (1 working day), super urgent service (4 working hours), weekend service. Please visit this page for more details about fast track services.

At second step, applicants from Dubai are requested to provide the personal information:

-       Full name: exactly shown as on your passport

-       Passport number:

-       Passport expiration date: please check if your passport has at least 6 month validity to be allowed to get a visa stamp

-       Birthday:

-       Gender: Male/ Female

-       Nationality:

-       Phone number: to contact in emergent situation.

-       Email address: all the important notifications and visa approval letter will be sent to your email.

Follow the links below if you need to read more about Vietnam visa application form: 

Should you have any concerns about Vietnam visa application form, please feel free to contact us to get assistance.

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