Apply Vietnam visa online for Indians

All Indian citizens entering Vietnam for pleasure or business are required to possess a valid Vietnam visa for a limited period. If you wish to have a simple visa procedure, please to consider applying for a Vietnam visa online as it will not request you to submit the papers as you have to if applying at the embassy. The following information will help you find out how to apply for a online Vietnam visa for Indians.

apply vietnam visa online for indians

Vietnam visa online for Indians is actually Vietnam visa on arrival that is applicable for Indians who travel to Vietnam by air only. It is considered as the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to obtain visa for Vietnam today.

Easiest: no document require, always available for all Indians in over the world.

Fastest: the visa approval letter is issued within 48 hours for normal service and  a few hours for rush service. (Read more at Urgent Vietnam visa on arrival)

Cheapest: the service fee for visa approval letter is very love, especially for applications of 3 persons and more.  (See Vietnam visa on arrival cost)

If you would like to apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival, please follow the instructions below:

-  Fill out the online application form correctly

-  Pay visa service fee through online payment gateway or bank transfer

-  Obtain visa approval letter from Immigration Department via email within 2 working days

-  Get visa stamp at arrival airport and pick up your visa

Things should be noticed:

-  Renew your passport if it is valid less than 6 months from date of travel. Otherwise, the airlines may not allow you to get on board.

-  Review your visa application form before submitting as nothing can be changed or corrected after the application was sent to Immigration Department for processing.

-  Some Indian citizens confound visa approval letter (issued by Immigration Department) with invitation letter (written by a company or organization in Vietnam) and thought that they could enter Vietnam with invitation letter. Please confirm that invitation letter is not valid for your entry. It is only a supporting document for visa process at embassy (if required). You must have visa approval letter to enter Vietnam and get visa stamp at the airport.

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