Apply for Vietnam visa for Indians from Singapore

apply for vietnam visa for indians from singapore

Similar to Singaporeans, the Indian citizens living or working in Singapore can either apply for Vietnam visa in person at the Vietnam Embassy or apply online through Vietnamese travel websites. In this article, Vietnam Visa Easy will provide you with instructions to get Vietnam visa for Indians from Singapore in 2 ways.

1.   Apply in person at Vietnam Embassy

Please prepare and gather the following documents to submit at the embassy:

-  Visa application form (available at the embassy)

-  Original passport valid for at least 6 months prior to date of travel

-  01 recent passport photograph

Vietnam visa fee (contact with the embassy for details)

Upon the receipt of the visa application, you will be asked to return the embassy to collect the visa after 2-3 working days.

You are responsible for checking the accuracy of the visa. If you find any mistake on it, please notify the embassy immidiately.

Vietnam Embassy in Singapore

Address: 10 Leedon Park Singapore 267887

Telephone: 64625994 

Fax: 64625936 

Office hours: 9.00am - 12.00 noon (Mon-Fri)

2.   Apply online on travel websites

Applying online for Vietnam visa is only available for Indian citizens who travel to Vietnam by air because the visa will be picked up at arrival airport. For this reason, it is also called Vietnam visa on arrival.

The process to get Vietnam visa upon arrival for Indian passport holders has 4 steps:

-  Complete the online visa application form correctly

-  Pay visa processing fee online (see Vietnam visa cost)

-  Receive visa approval letter from Immigration Department via email after 2 working days or less 

-  Get visa stamp at arrival airport and pick up the visa

Note: Your passport validity should have at least 6 months to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Any questions about visa for Vietnam for Indians, please leave at the comment below or send to [email protected]. You may also contact us via hotline at +984 966 53 93 63 or live chat service

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